Knitting Designs & More

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Left Column: 1. Bristlecone Mitts; 2. Pavers Accessories Set; 3. Adair Shawlette; 4. Delano Peak Hat; 5. Taranis Hat and Mittens.

Center Column: 6. Foxtail Hat. 7. Sylvan Hat and Mittens; 8. Marianne Handkerchief; 9. Elinor Handkerchief.

Right Column: 10. Oakwood Poncho; 11. Teresa Shawl; 12. Sydney Shawl; 13. Pointilist Hat; 14. Greta Headband.

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You can find all the known Errata (errors in knitting patterns) for my knitting patterns by clicking on the name of the project below.  If you find an error in one of my patterns that is not listed on this page, please contact me so I can post it for others to view. I am … Continue reading Errata

Tips & Support

I like to provide alteration ideas and technique support for some of my more challenging designs.  The projects listed below have some additional information about alteration ideas and resources to help you when you get stuck with a specific technique. Click on the listing below for more information about alterations and techniques used for specific … Continue reading Tips & Support