Oakwood Poncho Videos

Oakwood Poncho is my most popular pattern and to make it you must perform some advanced knitting techniques.  I’ve had many questions about the techniques used to make the Right and Left Front Brioche Stitch columns. I love teaching and sharing knitting techniques with other knitters, and since I can’t sit down with one-on-on with those who need guidance, I decided to make some short instructional videos. I do have a few written tutorials, but I find that watching a knitting video can be incredibly helpful.

    1. This first video will help you set up the Brioche Stitch column and work the first Brioche stitch row (specifically for the Front Right Side).
    2. The second video shows you how to work the short rows and wrap and turn (also for the right side front).

I write that these videos are for the Right Side Front, but they will also work for the Left Front with the exception of the special technique I share to hide the wrapped yarn. The wrapped yarn does not naturally hide on the Right Side Front. So the second video will show you how to do that. The Left Side Front wrapped yarn does naturally hide when the wrapped yarn is worked together with the wrapped stitch. Otherwise the videos will be instructive for both Right and Left Side Fronts.

It takes me a bit to make these videos, but I am planning to make a few more. If you don’t see that I’ve provided help with a particularly troubling section of this pattern, please contact me.  I’ll see if I can add it to my list of video tutorials.


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