Designing for 2016

Last year was a record knitting design year for me. Four of my designs were released in 2015: (from left to right), Oakwood Poncho, Twist & Tweed Collection from Knit Picks; Elinor Handkerchief, Jane Austen Knits, Fall 2015; Marianne Handkerchief, Jane Austen Knits, Fall 2015; and Sylvan Hat and Mittens set, Knittin’ Little Winter 2015.

The designs all use different knitting techniques, and all have the adventurous knitter in mind. My hope is that seasoned knitters will be excited about the design elements and stitches, and that beginner knitters will discover a new technique (or two) from my designs.A closer look:

  • Oakwood Poncho is a great introduction to color blocking and brioche stitch.  Many intrepid knitters learned brioche stitch for the first time while working through the pattern (including me, actually). As my most popular designs, it has been so exciting to see all the Oakwood Ponchos popping up on the Ravelry projects pages. You guys are doing such a good job bringing this pattern to life!
  • The Dashwood sisters’ Handkerchiefs (Elinor & Marianne) are my favorite designs of 2015. if you are new to knitting lace, these designs will help you get your feet wet a bit. I love Jane Austen and knitting these pieces brought a little bit of Austen into my life in a new and delightful way.
  • Sylvan Hat and Mittens set is near and dear to my heart and are worked in a simple cross-over cable pattern.  Now that I have a little dude running around, I am always on the lookout for great knitting patterns to make for him and his little buddies. And this mitten/hat set is designed with little explorers in mind (blogged about here) Knittin’ Little is a new publication source, and the designs that are curated for each collection are as precious as they remarkable.

Designs for 2016 have more direction and more autonomy than the designs I created for 2015. As I wrote at the beginning of 2016, this year’s design theme is Peaks & Valleys. You can find the whole Pinterest board here.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 6.57.32 AM.png

Peaks & Valley Pin board

In 2016 it is my desire to guide you through every step of your knitting adventure when you pick up one of my designs. My designs tend to reflect the things I find in nature, and just as a guide on a trail would teach you about the plants and the animals you see, I would also like to teach you about the stitches and techniques you’ll find in my designs. Much of that support is provided for you on this blog.  Part of the knitting journey is to connect deeper with our world and ourselves, and I hope to make that a bigger part of my designing in 2016.

At the time of this writing, three of my designs have been released for 2016:

The first two patterns were made before I had developed the Peaks & Valleys theme for 2016, but my thoughts were already headed in that direction. And Delano Peak hat is the first design specifically inspired from this theme. The stitches used in each pattern create the type of angles associated with triangular shapes of peaks and valleys. It is amazing what cable and color-work stitches can do for you!


My hope is that these designs and this theme will connect you better to your world and your sense of adventure through knitting. You can find my designs on my Ravelry designer’s page here.

Happy Knitting, friends!


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