Errata: Taranis Hat

Corrections listed below for Taranis Hat & Mittens:

NOTE: The following corrections are for patterns purchased before February 10, 2017

Taranis Mittens

Rnds 2 & 4 have incorrect stitch counts. The correct stitch counts are listed below:

Rnd 2: 50 (52, 50) sts.
Rnd 4: 52 (54, 52) sts.


Taranis Hat

Rnds 51-55: Rep Rnd 50, 5 times, substituting the next corresponding Rnd from Taranis Right Chart. 52 (68, 84) sts

Taranis Charts

Taranis Right chart: Rnd 39 from Taranis Right chart has an symbol error in stitch columns 19-23. The symbol should instead be 2/1/2 LPC. Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.49.32 PM.png

Taranis Left chart: Rnd 25 from Taranis Left chart has a symbol error in stitch column 23. Currently the symbol is for sssk and should instead be Dec5. Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.40.01 PM.pngRnds 51, 53 & 55 double decrease stitches on Taranis Left chart should be worked exactly the same way as the Taranis Right chart. As published the double decreases are mirrored. Below shows the top section of Taranis Left chart with the corrected double decrease stitches.

Rnd 51, column 3; Rnd 53, column 5 and Rnd 55, Column 7: the stitches should be sssk (and not k3tog).

Rnd 51, column 30; Rnd 53, column 28 and Rnd 55, column 26: the stitches should be k3tog (and not sssk).