Short Row 2: Oakwood Poncho

Oakwood Poncho (OwP) was a challenging pattern to write and in some sections, it can be a challenging piece to knit. There have been some very lovely knitters who have contacted with questions about OwP (thank you). I have found that there are more questions about a specific section, than any other part of the design: Short Row 2 on the Right Front side. So if you find yourself in this camp, hopefully you will find enough information on this post to get you back on track (but if you are still confused contact me – nikkiwagnerknits (at) gmail (dot) com.

Which stitches are considered “The Brioche Column”?  This column includes all stitches within the Stitch marker on the inside edges of the Front Right/Left sides. The actual Brioche stitches (Br sts) are worked over 16 stitches, then an extra stitch by a stitch marker is included is to facilitate the Wrap and Turn (W&T). When you get to the color block section, that extra (non Br st) stitch is worked with the Main Color (MC) yarn. In other words, all 17 stitches in the Brioche Column are found between the inside stitch marker and the end of the inside Brioche stitch edges, and should equal 17 sts total (16 of which are dedicated Br sts). I see now that I could have named it something less confusing than “Brioche Column”, as that implies that the Br St itself is worked over 17 stitches.

Can you give me some clarification with the Short Rows? Sure!
(Front Right Side)

Short Row 1: * Sl1yo, brk, repeat from * 7 more times, wrap next st and turn.

Short Row 2 (on Right Front side): With yarn in front, Sl wrapped st pwise, *Sl1yo, brk, repeat from * 7 more times
Row 2 (WS): * Sl1yo, brk, repeat from * 7 more times, then work wrap tog with wrapped st as P2tog, SM, P to end of row.
Short Row 1, you will wrap the stitch before the inside marker (see Brioche Column above), so you won’t be doing anything across the marker (other than slipping it on Row 2). Then turn the piece, keeping the yarn in front as you wrap around the wrapped stitch.

Short Row 2, the pattern will ask you to slip 2 stitches in succession. Looking at Short Row 2, the very first thing you need to do (after you Wrap and Turn from Short Row 1) is “Slip wrapped stitch purlwise”, then you’ll be asked to work “Sl1yo”, which is:

Slip 1 Stitch, Yarn Over (Sl1yo): With yarn in front, slip 1 stitch purlwise, then bring yarn over right needle.

That second slipped stitch is the beginning of the Br st again. The first slipped purl is the W&T stitch, with which you will close the gap on Row 2 (see above). Here is a rough picture I made to explain which stitches are which, and in which sequence they should be worked.


Row 2, please note that the “P2tog” does not decrease any stitches, I wrote that in the pattern to help people understand that they need to work the wrapped stitch and the wrap together as if they were purling them together like a p2tog.  Pick up the wrapped yarn, and work it together with the wrapped stitch as if they are one stitch. In this case  of the Front Right Side you’ll be working it as a P2tog. On the Left Front side, the pattern instructs you to work it as K2tog instead.

If you have additional questions about this section, please contact me and and I can provide additional assistance. I also am building a small video library to answer some of the questions I’ve received about the brioche column for OWP. You can find my available videos here: Oakwood Poncho Videos.