Arne & Carlos Doll

About 3 years ago I asked one of my dear friends if she would like me to knit her daughter a doll.  And like most people who are put in the situation of someone making them a knitted gift, she said “Sure”. Whether she wanted me to knit a doll for her daughter or not is debatable, but since I was without kids at the time and had loads more time to burn, I took opportunity to make one of Arne & Carlos’ knitted dolls.

Aaaannnd then I got pregnant, and thus the knitting desert began. I didn’t touch needles from early 2013 – late 2014.  I was just too tired…all the time.  I didn’t even knit for my unborn child.  Although I am okay with that. Babies don’t appreciate hand knitted stuff anyway.


Now that my kiddo is a little older, I take the short periods of the day when he naps to work on my projects. And this last summer I finally finished my Arne & Carlos Doll! Finally. Not only did I finish it, but I also entered it into the State Fair (because, why not) and with literally no competition in my category – I WON!  I love State Fairs, but that’s another post for another day.


This project was so much fun. I was able to use up some of my scrap yarn (which I live for), and the little details on the face and with the hair brought life to this little doll. The little girl that I made it for loves it (according to her mom). Perhaps, if I am so inspired, I will make some more clothes for her. Unless another knitting desert is in my immediate future.